The craft of persuasive and profitable webinars

When you first go through Pure Webinars, you'll immediately spot familiar techniques we've been using in our webinars over the years to generate millions of dollars of revenue.

But that's just the start. When you dig deeper, you'll discover hidden persuasion tricks that we've painstakingly tested and perfected over the years... that will turn your webinars into evergreen profit-generating assets people won't be able to get enough of.

You'll find this material insanely easy to implement, too. The first time you use it, you'll likely just copy/paste the introduction ideas, content ideas, transitions, and closes verbatim. The next time? You'll look deeper into the explanation why something works... and improve it. By repeating this process and by going through this product multiple times you'll soon be able to run circles around your competition! Click here to access the product...

Webinar introductions

What's the most critical part of a webinar? The introduction! Why? Because if your customers close your webinar during the first couple of minutes... it doesn't matter how valuable your content is or how great your closes. Discover how to get your customers hooked and listening closely to your every word till the very end of the call!

Webinar Content

This is where rubber meets the road - you'll simultaneously establish demand (in advance!) to your offer AND cement your irrefutable authority as the best expert related to the subject... plus you'll discover how to give away just the right amount of info, the 3 stages of presenting content... and much much more!

The transition

When you're done with the content... you need to transition to your offer. This is where webinar rookies (and MOST pros!) will lose more than half of their audience. You avoid this by picking one of these transactions and going through them to put your customer in the best frame of mind to buy your offer.

The close

You don't have to be a born salesperson to rattle off a string of great closes. In fact, if you just memorize 3 of the closes you'll discover for your first webinar... you'll do MUCH better than 99% of the marketers ever will. You'll also discover the 2 part close approach that neatly destroys all the customer objections one by one... and much more!

Other goodies...

You're also getting cheatsheets to navigate the course quickly and see everything at a glance. When something piques your interest... dig down deeper using transcripts or audio or video files. Oh and if you want to take it up a notch... sink your teeth into the advanced session which is one of the 100% free bonuses that come with your investment in PureWebinars!

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