How To Create Webinars That Sell

Jason Fladlien here and I've relied on a 4-part outline to script webinars which have totaled over $20,000,000+ in sales. I will reveal that outline to you in this sales letter shortly.

First, let's get down to brass tacks. I'm probably known as one of the top five webinar sellers of all time - many respected marketers put me at the very top as the best in the world at selling on webinars.

Because of my unique position, I'm going to take an interesting approach to selling my latest webinar secrets. Here it is...

Why am I taking this hard-lined approach?

Simple - this training was created for a specific individual. Who? The entrepreneur who needs to sell something by a webinar and needs to sell it soon.

The smartest thing that person could do is buy this before their next webinar... because I know with absolute certainty that this webinar training program will pay itself...

Ten-fold. Immediately.

Plus, consider this - I get referrals all the time because of my rep as a stone cold webinar closer. My hope is that when someone says they need help with a webinar people will point them to this page.

Then we'll see if they're actually serious about making money or not. If they are, they'll buy this without much thought.

With that out of the way, let's get down to business. In my new training, called Pure Webinars, we dissect in depth this formula which has made me a...

multi-millionaire by the age of 31

Here is the webinar pitch outline:

Believe it or not, almost every webinar I've scripted in the last two years - including the "famous" one that sold over a million dollars in a 24 hour period... followed this outline.

why this is instructive

Time. You'll never have the ability to craft the perfect webinar if you're a true blue blooded money getting business person. Why? Because you always have more opportunities and responsibilities than you can manage.

So you get things done because they need to get done. Hence the outline. It's not just that webinars sell like crazy... but you can knock them out in a weekend. Or a day. Or even a few hours.

Crazy as it sounds, I have never spent more than 3 days crafting a webinar. Would I like to? Maybe. This outline though takes the 90% of the thinking and effort out of crafting the webinar.

It just so happens that I have perfected the outline after doing thousands of webinars.

Let's take a deeper look at each part of this webinar outline:

The Introduction Section

Here's a mistake almost every webinar pitch person makes - they take too long to sell. I begin selling one second into the webinar and I never stop. I just intensify.

Everyone focuses on just the "closes" and the pitch portion of the webinar.

Even though your introduction will generally be less than 10 minutes long if you do it right... I'll spend more time and focus on crafting the intro than I ever do the close.

Let's look a little deeper into the introduction:

You can see how it's a simple formula we just follow right? And...

In a few minutes you've accomplished a lot

You've destroyed or at least softened buying objections in advance... removed their pre-built biases they brought into the webinar... got them comfortable with buying even if they don't know you're selling them something...

And we've set up the impulsive buying frame. Powerful.

Now do you suppose I have "go to" ways to induce greed? To create the most powerful type of immediate interaction? Techniques to obliterate objections in seconds?

Sure. That's behind the pay wall. It's all available to you when you buy Pure Webinars below.

The most important takeaway is we do each of these things in the introduction "different" than the way 95% of the webinar presenters do them. If you're doing it like everybody else does them, you're going to get the results they get - which are "so so".

You want...

million dollar results

You want to lead your industry in selling on webinars.

It starts in the introduction. In fact the introduction is the most important part for doing this. Do it as I show you, and you create a greased chute that leads straight to the add to cart button.

Oh, one more thing before we move to the next section. In any webinar you make (or lose) two sales - the sale today and the sale tomorrow.

The way you'll do your introduction based on my formula... in addition to getting the sale today - will create a favorable association of pleasure to you and your brand and make your future sales even easier.

Moving on...

The Content Section

The content portion of a webinar presents an interesting dichotomy.

The more self-reliant you make your attendees the less likely they'll need to buy from you. The more reliance to you that you create, the less you empower them but the more sales you make.

Pretending these diametrically opposed forces don't exist will limit your money making ability.

So how do we resolve this conflict? Simple - we teach emotionally, not logically. It all starts with the...

"One Thing" Road Map

A blunder I see committed time and again by marketers who should know better is they try to teach multiple things on a pitch webinar. Sigh.

Guess what happens when you do this? You create an emotional state in the prospect's mind called confusion. And a confused mind often says no. And they associate feelings of uncertainty and pain with You. Good luck with that.

Unless you have a very, very (very) good reason to deviate from the norm, your pitch webinar should teach ONE SPECIFIC THING.

The benefit is this:

You'll make that one thing something the audience will conclude you are the foremost authority... and best at presenting in the world.

We create the "one thing" in a way that is uncomparable to the competition. And if the customer doesn't have something to compare it to, they only compare you to you. Then it's just a matter of technique to close the sale.

Obviously this technique is laid out exactly in the Pure Webinars Program.

You now present how to achieve that "One Thing" (which is something the customer desperately wants) in a matter of 3 to 7 steps. You start showing all the steps on a single slide. Then you begin breaking down the first step using the "why, what, how" formula. Once you cover the first step - which you do with "mini-steps" or "criteria" - you tie it down, get agreement then elicit commitment.

Then when you break down each step. Repeat the process with each step.

Once you do this using the techniques in Pure Webinars...

guess what happens?

Your audience now feels more confident in their ability to do what you "taught" them on the webinar.

And if they feel confident about doing it... and you continually induced commitment throughout the content portion... it's inconsistent for them NOT to buy at the end. The result is it will take conscience effort and resistance for them to not invest with you. If it's easier for them to buy than not buy... well that's why your webinar close rates will shoot up dramatically.

Also, within the context of teaching the "one thing" we also take the following into consideration:

Remember we do all this in the context of the "One Thing".

In addition to making whatever "content" you present (even basic, mundane stuff) put your audience in a confident, receptive, consistent to acting on it by buying your offer... it's also easier for you to script out. I think the relationship is self-evident - the easier it is for you to put together content, the more likely it will come through clear as day to your audience. Make sense?

Once you go through the content - which usually covers 45 to 60 minutes of the webinar - then we move onto...

The Transition Section

Probably the most neglected section of a webinar.

How to do you set up the close so you simultaneously put your audience in the most conducive state of buying... while manipulating your own emotional state to present the offer as confidently and strongly as possible?

The answer is doing the transition this way.

If you follow this, then the easiest section of all to script is...

The Close Section

The reason you'll find the close to be easiest part of creating your pitch webinar? It's pure technique. Perfunctory. Almost no creativity required.

Just pull from the vast amount of examples I draw from when putting together the close.

It looks like this:

Also there are...

two key things you must do throughout the close

The first is presenting proof Beyond A Shadow Of A Doubt. There are several ways to do this - pick some or all of them including Story Boarding Testominials, Dramatic Demonstrations, Social Validation, etc.

The second is you must do frequent calls to actions. There is a specific time to reveal the URL of where they go to buy (or whatever the action is to facilitate the purchase...). Then, once you do that, there is a ratio of time to call to action you must adhere to for the remainder of the close. All laid out in Pure Webinars.

What exactly do you get when you buy Pure Webinars today?

Pure Webinars Course Materials

  1. Video Training - broken down into five core modules: (1) Overview of the script (2) The Introduction Section (3) The Content Section, (4) The Transition Section, (5) The Close Section and (6) The Advanced Section.
  2. PDFs of Slides - for each video... including the slides of specific webinars we use to illustrate each example and teaching point
  3. Transcriptions - to each of the modules so you can grab and use word for word closes and pin point techniques to implement in your next webinar.
  4. Session Insights - so you can easily reference specific methods to create, enhance and super charge all your webinar presentations.
  5. Audio Downloads - for each session for easy listening on your computer, mobile phone, tablet... on the go, in the car, in bed, or wherever you want.

Simple as that. All of this housed in a members area where you can stream the videos or download them to your hard drive.

Oh Yeah, And This...

The perfect bonus for you. Something special. When you order Pure Webinars right now, you're also getting your hands on a recording of a "Advanced Training Session" of Pure Webinars with me.

You can immediately grab it in the Pure Webinar Member's Area - and I suggest you watch it at least twice after you go through the main course to get the most out of the advanced insights.

OK, so you might be wondering...

What is NOT Covered In Pure Webinars

No beginner stuff here. No technical stuff either. No how to design power points or set up gotowebinar. Just pure "scripting to sell" methods - hours of them, refined down to the best of the best.

These techniques have been proven to work beyond just webinars as well... we've used them for Google Hangouts, platform selling, video sales letters to name of few.

Pure Webinars Is Perfect For You If...

You are going to be selling on a webinar in the near future. Simple as that.

If you've already done pitch webinars in the past, you'll get the quickest, most immediate return naturally. Anyone who creates a webinar and gets more than a handful of people to view it (live or recorded) will more than recoup their investment.

This is the same stuff that top marketers across multiple industries pay me my $100,000 rate to script webinars for them. By the way, one of those webinars I scripted for another marketer is broke down in Pure Webinars. Interesting stuff.

While these techniques work for any price point, they are especially powerful for higher ticket items and have been used to sell $30,000 and even $50,000 packages.

Bottom Line: Pure Webinars is for you if you realize that these persuasion elements are applicable in any industry... and to any market... where people have problems, and they are willing to spend money on a solution.

The Price Is Only Going Up

While no hard scarcity is in place here, the price of my stuff always goes up over time. Two reasons. First I reward those who buy sooner rather than later because it's good business.

Second, because I can. Once people get their hands on my stuff, they brag me up naturally for what I did for them which creates even more demand. And I adjust the price to take advantage of that additional demand.

$2,000 is a big waste of money for you if you're buying this just for intellectual stimulation. If that's you, pay down your mortgage instead.

$2,000... hell, $5,000 or $10,000 or $25,000 is a deal because you're paying a little bit today to make a lot tomorrow... and forever.

Let me put it this way - you are making a "one comma" investment to get a "two comma" return. Cool?

Sign up now:

Remember, there are no refunds here. You can take this position when you have something as powerful as Pure Webinars.

P.S. You might find it ironic that I'm selling a course of how to do pitch webinars from a written sales letter. The point is all sales are illogical. What you sell on webinars is based on mass appeal offers in your niche. The sad fact is most people don't do webinars or are too scared to.

And those who do webinars successfully will not need much "set up" and effort to buy Pure Webinars. They'll instantly get the value here.

That's why you'll notice as you read this letter how much information and insight I packed into it. More value in this advertisement than in most courses you pay for. True.